Industry leadership

Our consumer credit businesses are all members of the Consumer Finance Association, the principal trade association representing the interests of larger short-term lending businesses in the UK.

We have been fully supportive of the CFA’s work on industry Codes of Practice to give consumers greater rights and protection. For instance, we played a full part in the CFA’s efforts to draw up a Good Practice Customer Charter in conjunction with the UK Government, the former regulator (OFT) and three other trade associations representing short-term lenders. This was concluded in 2012 and remained in place until the FCA took over responsibility for regulating consumer credit in 2014.

The CFA is setting high standards for all lenders in our sector by driving improvements and best practice and proactively participating in consultations and research about the industry.

The CFA are committed to working with a range of organisations to help improve the reputation of the industry. We host regular meetings with consumer groups and meet with legislators and policymakers as appropriate to keep them informed about developments in the short-term lending industry.

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