Money Advice

Along with many other UK consumer credit companies, we recognise our collective responsibility to help consumers who get into difficulty with debt. Hence we are happy to contribute to the funding of free money and debt advice services across the UK where we operate.

We also have a strict policy of signposting our own customers to the relevant agency if they begin to struggle with their borrowing. Our staff are trained to look out for problems and we include information and contact details for our money advice partners in our contract documentation and supporting literature.

We are happy to support and refer customers to the following free money advice agencies:

National Debtline

0808 808 4000

Advice UK

020 7407 4070

The Debt Counsellors Charitable Trust

0300 456 2726

Citizens Advice

The Money Charity

020 7062 8933


0800 138 1111

In-Store Money Surgeries

We are also looking at new ways we can work collaboratively with money advice partners to bring a wider range of services to our customers. For instance, we are piloting walk-in Money Surgeries in some of our busiest city centre Money Shop stores.  Customers are offered short consultations with leading financial capability charity, The Money Charity, on any money issue or concern they might have. The advice is entirely independent and delivered by The Money Charity.  The Money Shop assists with funding, publicity and hosting services only.

Helpful Money Tips

If you are looking for suggestions on how to save money why not take a look at The Money Shop blog. It contains helpful information such as feeding your family for under £5, how to cut your utility bills and more.